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Managed B2B Sportsbook

Sportsbetting Platform

Provider of fully managed B2B Sportsbook platform with managed trading & risk services for online sports betting

Fully Managed

Team of 50+ sportsbook staff manage entire process including  managed trading & risk to each clients unique needs.

Managed Trading Services

Automated Managed Trading Services adopted to each brand with models monitoring events, track betting behaviour, controlling lines in real-time.

Modern technology

Using the latest technology, our Sportsbook offer key features including Betbuilder and Cashout through a single API

Stable Platform

Our Sportsbook handles 3m+ messages on 100k events across 90+ sports & 200 bets per second. The proven stability & managed service ensure 24/7 sports betting action.


Simple API combined with our B2B Sportsbook iframe using widgets adapts to your websites look & feel creating a seamless sports betting UX

Future proof

Built on a modular platform, our Managed B2B Sportsbook receives ongoing updates without affecting stability – ensuring an optimal betting experience.

Feature rich

Feature rich including  Cashout, Betbuilder and our Bonus Engine gives users of the Managed B2B Sportsbook an engaging sports betting experience

Any market

With 100k+ events / month and features for creation of custom betting markets keeps users of the Managed B2B Sportsbook engaged.


Our Managed B2B Sportsbook is multi-currency, displaying stake and winnings in currency of choice, including crypto.


Multi-brand management, Sportsbook promos & BI tools – available via web or by integration to 3rd-parties.

Bonus engine

Rules driven bonus engine enabling popular sportsbook campaigns such as Odds Boost, Specials, Freebet and NoRiskbet

Algorithmic models

Algorithmic trading models outputting 1500+ odds per event allows for unique partner offerings.

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